Meet Our Team

Ron Manganello Owner Operator Carlesa NDE Services Nondestructive Examination Testing Inspection Expert.jpg

ron manganello


Owner and Founder

Ronald Manganello worked for 16 years with Factory Mutual. After working in their non-destructive examination services division, Ron branched out on his own and formed Carlesa NDE Services. He travels all over the United States, Canada, and South America and is spreading out further around the globe. Always willing to get his hands dirty, Ron says "I always like meeting new machines!". In his spare time, of which there is little, Ron enjoys fishing and masonry work - often collection beautiful stones from the areas around the places he works. The best way to reach Ron would be by leaving a voice mail on his phone or dropping him a detailed e-mail. Given that he is on the road 90% of the time, you may have to wait to hear back from him until he has access to a calendar or his computer back at whatever hotel room he is in for the night.

Richard Manganello Carlesa NDE Services Nondestructive Examination Expert ANST Certified.jpg

richard maganello


Director of Field Operations and Training

Rich Manganello graduated from Norwich University in 2008. He then received Level 1 and 2 NDE training at the Hellier Technical School. Starting in May 2009, he began training with Ron as his understudy for several years. He has been the managing NDE tech with the company since 2012. He applies our NDE procedure at over one hundred facilities in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe every year. 

Alyssa Porter Carlesa NDE Services Nondestructive Examinations Profile.jpg

alyssa porter

Operations and Marketing

Alyssa Porter graduated from Skidmore College where she studied psychology. She spent the last 18 years as an instructional designer and product manager for educational software companies. At Carlesa NDE Services, she works part time managing everything and anything that comes her way in a small business.