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Applying Non-destructive Examination Methods to Forge Presses Carlesa NDE Services
We will discuss our application on non-destructive examination to forge presses and how it
can benefit operations. We will cover preparation and planning, necessary access to critical
components, safe application of NDE procedure, and why regular NDE application is
important to mitigate and manage risk of press failure.


Non-Destructive Testing: What’s in it for me?

What is Non-destructive testing?

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is the examination of materials for discontinuities, flaws, defects, or other irregular conditions. It is important to note, that the equipment examined during an NDT examination is not damaged in this process. This type of examination has existed for a long time and has been refined with advances in science and technology. This means that, with time-tested techniques and the latest empirical knowledge, potentially catastrophic conditions are detected earlier and with a very high degree of accuracy. If detected early, these potentially catastrophic conditions can be avoided.

While early NDT methods were able to detect defects, current methods and technology have advanced to show details about the characterization of defects. This account of defects and interfaces in engineered materials is essential to determine the serviceability of parts. Engineers may then use Griffith criterion () to quantify their structural integrity strategy.[1] This, coupled with timely and accurate reports of your production devices, means that you know where you need to focus time and resources.

The techniques are not new or unique, but our experience within powered industrial machinery is unique. Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) is more than just charts, diagrams, and numbers. Decades of experience and recommendations tailored to your operation are the key to utilizing our NDE methods to their fullest potential. Our skilled NDT Specialists have the knowledge, experience, and training to meet even the most challenging needs of our clients.


What do you do?

The technique(s) used for NDT depends on the material, surface conditions, and client needs. Here at Carlesa NDE Services, we commonly use Visual Test (VT), Liquid Penetrant Test (PT), Magnetic Particle Test (MT), and Ultrasonic Testing (UT). Various methods of each technique can be applied depending on the particular circumstances or variables involved with your situation. Whether you need us to check a tie rod on a hydraulic extrusion press or the yaw drive on a wind turbine, we are prepared to provide professional, accurate, and timely services using any and all tools at our disposal.


What’s in it for me?

First and foremost, SAFETY. Any device functioning in accordance with its engineered design is always safer than one that is dysfunctional. Our top priority here at Carlesa is safety and we want you, your employees, and your contractors to be able to work around a device that has been properly inspected for potentially unsafe service related defects. 

The next highly important point to consider is the financial impact of production losses. Equipment failure is the number one production loss factor in manufacturing [2]. In our experience many costly breakdowns can be reduced, and in many cases prevented, when detected with our proven NDE methods. Dysfunctional equipment is also less productive than equipment that is functioning according to its design. Properly executed NDE can save your company money through increased productivity and reduced downtime.

There are ethical considerations to ensuring your operations are not negatively impacted by unexpected shutdowns. Employees are the lifeblood of any company. Making sure they have work to provide for their families promotes high productivity and morale within your operation. This reverberates into other areas previously mentioned as well such as increased safety and positive impacts on profitability.


What do I need to do to schedule?

Scheduling is as simple as completing the form here.

If you would like to speak with a representative with Carlesa NDE Services please call/email:

Ron Manganello

Telephone: 781-883-6896

Richard Managnello

Telephone: 508-667-6097



[1] Second half of the proceedings of the Fourteenth Annual Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation, held June 22–26, 1987, in Williamsburg, Virginia


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